By: John Floyd T. Gales

                       RU VIRGIN?

Todays generation many women are being discriminated for losing their virginity. Too much discrimination will cause a mental problem to them and most of the time it leads them to depression. Women are like glass because they are easily get broken and they are more emotional tthat men.

In the short film “RU Virgin” Sam is getting a fixed marriage by his dad and he wants a girl who is a virgin. He look for a virgin girl in the city and even in his work it reminds him until he ask his friend which is a boy that “RU Virgin?” his friend was shock. He even ask the girls in his work but all of them said “No I’m not” and he didn’t stop searching. After how many days and nights Sam finally decided that he will marry the girl that his father asked for and Sam returned to their village and getting ready to the marriage.

After their marriage Sam wants to discover if her wife is a virgin or not so he did is to put a white blanket in their bed where they will do the honeymoon, he thinks that white blanket will prove if his wife is a virgin or not because they believe while they are doing sex if the womens vagina gets blood it means that she is a virgin. That night during their honeymoon Sam was angry because the blanket was clan and it doesn’t have blood which made him think that her wife is not a virgin. After that night Sam decided to get a divorce with his wife. And his wife was sad because of what Sam thinking she is not a virgin.

Her wifes mother protect her daughter and they bring it to the court and proves that virginity cannot be measure just like that. Her mother provide a certificate that states about a virginity and what it causes. Then her wife said that being in a relation virginity is not important because it is not measure by that, the only matter is the feeling and the love for each other. She also said that a man like sam and the thinking like him is still exist.

For me if you truly love a person it is not important to know if she/he is a virgin or not mostly to the women. Questiong if she is a virgin or not can make her feel uncomfortable and mostlikely insecure because we don’t know if she lost her virginity for being rape and she doesn’t want it. Virginity is not required when you truly loves that person because you love him for what she/he is not bevause of her physical appearance.

We must respect everyones identity and privacy even their gender. Let us treat each other equally and let us avoid the thinking like Sam that is showned in the film. When entering in a serious relationship let us always remembered that virginity is not important because when we loved the person even she/he is not a virgin it os not important and the only matter is the love for each other.

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