A Film Review

By: John Floyd T. Gales


The story is all about the unusual storm that destroy the Andrea Gail and killed all the fisherman. It is a masterpiece of Sebastian Junger that became a famous movie 21 years past by. The movie “The Perfect Storm” is based on a true to life story directed by Wolfgang Petersen, starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lane and John C. Reilly.

And here’s a little trivia about the film “The Perfect Storm”.

Hurricane Grace

The Storm in the movie was formed by the remnants of Hurricane Grace in late October and early November 1991.


John C. Reilly as Dale “Murph”.

He is one of the crew members of Andrea Gail and he is a longtime fishermen. Him and Sully always had a conflict for such a small reason.

Mark Wahlberg as Robert “Bobby” Shatford.

He is also one of the crew members of Andrea Gail. He is the son of Ethel Shatford and the fiance of Christine Cotter. He always think of her loveones while he is in the middle of the ocean.

George Clooney as Captain Frank William “Billy” Tyne Jr.

He is a very brave captain of the ship Andrea Gail and also he is the one who leads their group in fishing in order to catch a big fish and to earn a lot of money. And also he is the one who bring his crew to death because even he knew that there was a hurricane he continue to sail just to catch more and big kinds of fish.

William Fichtner as David “Sully” Sullivan.

He is the one who had a conflict with murph but he is the one who leads in saving murphs life. He replaced the crew that quits the last voyage.

John Hawkes as Michael “Bugsy” Moran.

He is also one of the crew member of the fishing vessel Andrea Gail. He is kind of funny type of person and He meets a divorce girl in the bar and he wanted to see him before they sail in the middle of the ocean.

Wolfgang Petersen

He is a german film director, producer and screenwriter. The director of the movie The Perfect Storm.

Allen Payne as Alfred Pierre.

He is also one of the members of the fishing vessel Andrea Gail. He is the ship’s only black crew member, he was originally from Jamaica and lived in New York City.

Michael Ironside as Bob Brown.

The owner of the fishing vessel Andrea Gail and Hannah Boden. people in Gloucester have nicknamed him “Suicide Bob”.

Diane Lane as Christina “Chris” Cotter.

She is the fiance of Bobby Shatford who tried to stop Bobby from going back to the ocean because she had a feeling that there is bad gonna happen to them but she failed.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Linda Greenlaw.

Linda is the captain of the other fishing vessel named Hannah Boden, the Andrea Gail’s sister boat, which is also owned by Bob Brown.

Janet Wright as Ethel Shatford.

She is Bobby Shatford’s mother. She raised six children in Gloucester and has worked as the Crow’s Nest’s daytime bartender since 1980.

Bob Gunton as Alexander McAnally III.

He is the owner of the Mistral that rescued by the coast guards using the helicopter.

Karen Allen as Melissa Brown.
Cherry Jones as Edie Bailey.


A fresh morning the fishing vessel Andrea Gail arrive at shore after they caught some fish in the middle of the ocean, after they have arrived to their home they used to chill at night in the Bar and they play billiard and they drink a lot of alchohol but the ship captain decided to go back in the middle of the ocean together with his crew when the sun starts to shine.

At that night all of them had a great time but bobbys fiance get mad because she knew that bobby will sail again in the morning. Boobys fiance tried to stop him but bobby wants to go back in order to have a money for their future.

The morning shines and they are preparing their ship vessel Andrea Gail while some of them having a goodbyes to their loveones because a month before they will meet again.

They are all happy when they sail in the middle of the ocean but bobby is still thinking for her fiance and loveones but after that tommorow morning they start their work as a fisherman. They prepare all of their stuff and dumped it into the water and start for fishing. While doing their task as a fisherman Murph and Sully had a conflict since they are in the bar and one time Murph slaps Sully with the fish they have caught and that make Sully triggered but the crew stop them.

The night has come and they start to catch fish again because there’s a lot of fish in the midnight and an accident just happened while Murph is preparing for the hook and the hook suddenly rolled and it stucked into its hand which drag him down into their vessel but luckily Sully noticed that Murphed is gone and he suddenly jumped in the ocean to rescue Murphed and Bobby jumped too, Thanks God that they rescued murph and captain Billy cure Murphs hand. After that accident Murph thanked Sully for being a hero and save him from death and that’s made them okay.

After how many days and night a hurricane is starting to form but captain billy didn’t mind it because he wants to catch much bigger fish to have a bigger amount of money. While they entering in the hurricane that night they are still fishing and when they feel the huge winds and waves they go inside their vessel, while Captain Billy is moving forward into the hurricane. As the wind goes together with the huge waves their ship is starting to be destroyed pieces by pieces and that’s made them go out to their cabins and fix for the parts that is affected while the winds and waves is going on.

The sister ship Captain called the Captain of the Andrea Gail and informed him for the hurricane that is on their way but he didn’t listen because he really desire to catch a big fish until he realize that he needs to turn back and go back there when there is no more hurricane. At that point their ship is slowly losing and a lot of accident happened bevause it’s already too late untol the last huge wave flip their ship and it’s start to sink. All of them is looking for some space inorder to breath but the water increasing so fast. Bobby encouraged Captain Billy to try their best in order to survive. Bobby successfuly came out to the ship while he slowly starring the Adrea Gail sinking in the bottom of the ocean.

All of them died and the only thing left is their memories and picture together with their loveones that they left.


The story “The Perfect Storm” is a life lesson story and it is all about the seafaring and for those fisherman and aspiring seafarers. The story is well direct and taught a lot of lesson for those who are watching and for those who already watched. The characters play a perfect scene and the editings of the movie is smooth and that result an excellent movie.


First I thought that the movie is all about loved of the fisherman but I was shooked when I finish watching it. The movie is great and it inspires me when I become a seafarer someday because I learned a lot of lesson as well manners with the crew. There are part of the movie that my heart and mind use to think when that situation happened to me someday. The last part I was sad because I expect at the first place that they will survived but when I saw the ship sinking I thought that Bobby survived because he is the only one who come out to their vessel but I got shocked when the next part of the movie is their funeral and that made me sad. They all died and the things left is their memories together with their loveones.


Listen to the concern of others.

Not all of the time we think is always right because there is something that stop us from listening to their concern and opinions. Let us try to open our hearts and mind and accept other concerns because sometimes they can make a different into our lives.

Don’t let your pride controls you.

In this case we can see the conflict of Murph and Sully having both of them is being prideful which leads them to fight. Letting down your pride cannot destroy your dignity. The accident is the key which leads them to be okay. After that accident Murph thanked Sully for saving his life and that time they became okay.

Think before you take a move.

In this case of Captain Billy wanting to catch a big fish in order to have a huge amount of money made him triggered to go forward even there is a hurricane in their way and that thing he do wipe them all. It is really important that we should think first if this kind of thing can be payed or not. Always think for the possible things may happen because life is important than money.


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